Rememberies Of Future Present; Racism’s Caustic Spittle

So. I’m sitting here to my desk at 5:15 in the AM wondering what went wrong. I watched the live news coverage of the black man shooting Dallas police—apparently an insane reaction to recent police shootings of black men—and this morning I’ve been at this mental endeavor since I got out of bed at 2:17—three hours and two minutes ago—when the Squirt had finally had enough of my fidgeting and nudged me out of the bed.

“Jesus Christ, Mooner, get up and go do something productive,” the small, brown-furred bundle of piss and vinegar almost growled in my face. “Get up and leave us to sleep or I’m telling the goat dog to start licking your face.”

While I do sincerely love both of the little Chihuahua-mixed puppies that are my companions, the Squirt is a pain in my ass, and Yoda’s spit is so corrosive it can dissolve the silver coating off a plated serving spoon, and smells bad enough to drive a pig off a bucket of swill. These things I know as facts.

“Well now, Mr. Johnson, just how might you know those tasty morsels of information to be, as you say, ‘facts’?”

“Well, Missy Tamara (Tamara is who the name tag claims her to be), the spit part was learned when I used this old serving spoon—a silver-plated jobbie whose matching knife and fork had long ago disappeared—to slop a blob of peanut butter onto a toasted English muffin. The peanut butter was organic from the bulk aisle over to Sprouts, and the muffin from this nifty bakery down to Austin, Texas. As the Squirt was in the other room watching Oprah with Gram and Streaker Jones, Yoda got both first and second dibbies to lick the remaining thin smear of goober spread off said spoon.”

Missy Tamara looked at me like I’d lost my mind and said to me, she says, “And?”

“And nothing. I put the spoon over to the counter next to the sink with intentions to hand wash it, hand washing a needed action after the goat dog’s tongue touches anything you wish to reuse, like dishes, flatware or faces. Little shit licked my underarm to get me to roll over in bed this one time and I got a dreadful rash right there where the bottom part of every shirt sleeve rubs. It was very uncomfortable.”


“And what?”

“The spoon, Sir. Did you have a point?”

“Oh, that. Forgot to wash it until the next day. I remember my Gram getting all up in my ass about it. ‘What in all God’s green pastures is this here?’ she asked me. The spoon looked like I’d dipped it in a vat of acid. It was all green and florescent and shit, and you could see the cheap pot metal showing through the silver coating.”

I love Trader Joes, I truly do. Their staff is always so friendly and interested in you. I’ve had several of these pleasant conversations with Tamara as she checked me out. And she always makes naughty innuendos when it’s time to insert my chipped credit card into the slot of the reader.

“It’s time, Mr. Johnson. Steady, straight and gently. Push it all the way in and then don’t touch it until it tells you what to do next. If you move it too soon you’ll have to pull it out and do it all again.”

Tamara has short, curly hair, light brown doe eyes, and a fearsome grin. And a girlfriend. Why is it that I’m so attracted to lesbian women? Put me in a dating mixer with a hundred interested straight women and one lesbian who doesn’t actually like men, and I’m making time with the lesbian in six minutes flat. What’s up with that shit? I love lesbians so much I forgot to tell you the pig part of my puppy’s spit stuff. And what’s up with my focus?

Did I tell you I have the dreaded ADD? I mean recently? I sat down now three hours and forty-five minutes ago to tell you that I think my country has gone all to Hell, and back, and I still haven’t told you about the time Yoda licked all over the galvanized tub used to feed Rush Limbaugh the pig. First and only time I saw that hog turn his nose up at food.

OK, and way back up there when talking about the spit and the spoon, I used the personal “whose” when referring to the spoon’s former mates. I really wanted to use “which’s”, as I feel with absolute certainty that it is Spoon’s mates which whom are missing. Then, again, maybe there are times when inanimate objects can take on human qualities. Like this one time when my Gram’s mushroom juice caused my Boy Scout pocket knife to carve the miniature Jesus off the faceplate on Mrs. Browningwell’s Sunday school lectern.

The term “He Is Risen”, painted in gold leaf above the carving, sort of fell flat after I’d whittled a crater where that old bag’s precious cherry wood Savior had once rested. Speaking of that entire “He Is Risen” dealio, a person close to me recently told me that she has figured out the entire set of mysteries revolving around Jesus dying on the cross, getting buried and then coming back for a farewell dinner with his boys.

“He didn’t die,” she told me with a look of sheer delight plastered all over her face. “They didn’t have modern science to check if he was actually dead, did they? There were no stethoscopes back then, they didn’t know to put a mirror under his nose to see if it fogged.”

Maybe I haven’t yet gotten to my point because I’m so frightened of it. America is this close to electing a racist, bigoted, braindead and greedy misogynistic failed businessman as President. Racial tensions are as high as they’ve been in my lifetime. America has enough military-styled rifles on its streets to arm the French Army. And representing our fellow citizens in public service has become one of the ten highest-paying jobs you can land, and the highest-paying job with no requirements for intelligence, integrity or common decency.

We were headed in such a good direction coming out of the Sixties and into the Seventies. Now we’re at the “Last Days of Pompeii” stage, where our hate, greed and gluttony are consuming us.

It hurts to say this, but my best effort to fight back is to simply say:


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7 Responses to “Rememberies Of Future Present; Racism’s Caustic Spittle”

  1. bj says:

    I heard Mark Shields say on the PBS News Hour that it “reminds me of 1968”, when speaking of the political campaigns and race relations headed downstream. I well remember 1968 with the Black Panthers dubbed as “terrorists” while Lt. W.L. Calley was merely taking care of business at My Lai after the Tet Offensive. Martin L. King Jr., and Bobby Kennedy murdered while Chicago cops brutalized everyone in their path. I got my first taste of CS Gas from even less sociable Policemen, who also whomped my head and back, in Columbia, SC.
    I say it’s much worse now. and it ain’t the hippies who’re to blame. After Viet Nam hippies thought the war was over and that we actually WERE at the Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius so hippies went back to being hippies trying to stay OUT of other people’s affairs. BIG fucken mistake. Meanwhile returning soldiers were treated like scum and dubbed Baby Killers by society, denied benefits and refused employment. PTSD wasn’t even a theory then but an entire generation of Americans are still suffering from it daily. Add a few more wars with many more deaths and that many more returning, anguished soldiers. Then add the NRA with their fear campaigns and the gun manufacturers with their “Man Card” campaigns. Police departments arcross the country preferentially hiring combat veterans THEN equipping them with MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS, VEHICLES and training them to treat Citizens as The ENEMY … and wah fucken lah. There y’go, Mate.
    Wanna know WHY Americans are so violent and so ready to kill? Well, God DAMN! Our Government fucken TRAINED US TO BE ultraviolent and ALWAYS ready to kill. and kill FIRST!
    Black Lives Matter? White Lives Matter? Blue Lives Matter? we are specks of dust on a tiny blue marble floating in an infinite, nearly empty exspanse. Black Lives Matter? White Lives Matter? Blue Lives Matter? Nah … NO fucken lives REALLY matter …
    Americans are no better or worse than any other TRIBE of humans. We’re just currently better at KILLING THE OTHER TRIBES than the other Tribes are at killing us.

  2. Squatlo says:

    I just read where Obama is going to cut short his foreign trip to come back to Dallas for a memorial service or something. I’d give anything I own if he’d skip that public function, just this one time.

    There’s something about Dallas… and whatever’s in the air right now is too toxic for public outings by this particular president.

    Too many people are determined to start a race war in our lifetimes, and I’m afraid the assassination of this president would be the warhead that starts the conflagration in earnest.

    Seriously. Watch Dallas, Mr. President. Those Secret Service guys don’t have your back any more than the Lt. Governor of Texas does.

  3. Your discussion of the pocket knife and the spoon you refer to as “who” reminded me of Tom Robbins “Skinny Legs and All,” which has characters that include a can of beans, a dirty sock, a spoon, a painted stick, and a conch shell.

    That book is way more fun than a Donald Trump speech.

    I have to speak in public sometimes. before people. Each time I do, I try and prepare. When I don’t, I worry that I sounded rambling, talked in circles, rpeated myself, and drove down into dead-ends. In other words, when I don’t prep for speeches, I worry that I’ve sounded the way Trump does every time he speaks.

    I don’t get it.

  4. Mooner's Cascading Rivulets says:

    Beej. We have gotten better at killing each other–better tools and better training, and better media manipulations. The propensities for old white men to send our young overseas to kill mostly darker-skinned humans in the name of God and Country isn’t any different today than in the V-Nam Days. Then, as now, when the general populace realizes we had no fucking business–except for fucking Big Business–to be there, our general populace blames the soldiers.

    Then, our old white men break their promises to care for and educate and provide jobs for the returning brave. I fear the legacy of the last hundred years of America’s ruling class of old white men will be one of anger, hate and greed, and the death of the America guided by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. To our Old White Men Ruling Class, no lives matter except their own. Ask the Texas Lt. Govvie.

    Squat. Same thought struck me. In a state where you can open-carry an assault rifle, how do you keep anyone safe?

    Nazzy. Whereat and whatabout do you public speak? As for Trump speeches, a full-body wax job is more fun than listening to hate from a major party Presidential nominee.

    Beej, and again. That is a powerful video. Every American should be required to watch it.

  5. Maria Eckl says:

    The caustic effect of punitive drug policies has slowly eroded the cornerstone of U.S. democracy. It is no surprise that the court cases that have most destroyed the Bill of Rights, methodically abridging freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and property rights, have centered on fear of drugs.   Schools across the nation have sought to drug-test students, threatening to create a broad doctrine of treating students as second class citizens under the Constitution.

  6. admin says:

    Maria. Thanks for speaking out. Our country has become a punitive-based society starting with Tricky Dicky Nixon and elevated by Ronnie Raygun. Our jails are filed with drug offenders who are otherwise solid citizens–lives now ruined, destined to second class status. And guess what. They are mostly minority and dark skinned. Surprise!!!

    Please come back after fucking Walmart is some way.

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