Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson

Because she is a professional psychotherapist, Doctor Samanta Ignatious Amorgeretti-Johnson refuses to disclose any personal information.

Mooner Johnson had this to say:

“Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson was my college sweetheart, first wife and mother of our kids, my psycho therapist for more than thirty years, an internationally published author, daughter of one my favorite people of all time, and my second best friend behind Streaker Jones.

I know that we will never be together again but I still love her and I am sure that she still loves me. She has helped me adjust to each of my ten divorces and has become a world renowned specialist on the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. She is the therapist for all of my ex-wives, Gram, Streaker Jones, Gnat (my assistant), Mother, Aunt Hilda and Woodrow, Dixie and Squirt. I pay the therapy bills for all of them because I feel responsible for most of their mental health issues.

I also help fund many of Sammy’s research programs including the Direct Current Erectile Engorgement Program, the many ADHD issues under study as well as her programs that study the use of naturally-occurring hallucinogenic compounds in the treatment of mental illnesses.

Dr. Sam I. Am-Johnson is a good woman. She can also be a bitch.”

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