Streaker Jones

When asked to inform readers about just who is this mysterious Streaker Jones, Streaker Jones said, “Mooner’s a buddy.”

In response, Mooner Johnson says of Streaker Jones:

“Streaker Jones is my best and lifelong buddy. We grew up together and are now in many businesses together. His private and very personal businesses are in the natural brain chemistry industry and his holdings include both plant and animal agronomies. Psilocybin mushroom, cannabis and peyote cactus are the lynch pins of his plant products and his bumpy toad breeding stock are considered to be the class of the bumpy toad world.

“Streaker Jones is a genius who has been tested many times but testers have been so far unable to pin his IQ to a specific peg. He has found flaws in each of the tests and testing methods and has been hired as a consultant to repair said flaws. When required to express a value on his IQ, reports have all said, “200-Plus.”

“Streaker Jones is the smartest and best friend you could have and he is very dangerous if provoked. The Israeli Mossad hired him to train their agents in the silent killing methods he developed this one summer after we were juniors back to high school. Read my first book to learm more of that story.”

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